Speeches should be 3-7 minutes long

Students can register (free) and upload or link their speeches here.
Entries for 2018 are open until 10 December 2018.

Please check –
1) Ensure your speech is about a justice issue.
2) Ensure that the audio and video are clear on your recording. (Some speeches filmed on a phone end up with audio that can’t be heard properly)
3) Ensure that your speech is about 3-7 minutes long.

There are two options below for registering and submitting your speech

  1. Register and provide a link to your speech (using the first form below). The link needs to connect to your speech on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or some similar site. Access needs to be open so our judges can view or download your speech, e.g. YouTube videos need to be ‘unlisted’.
  2. Register and upload your speech to our private YouTube channel (using the second form below). This YouTube channel is private – so only the judges will be able to view the speech there.

Any problems or questions, please contact us.

OPTION 1: Register with LINK to your speech

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OPTION 2: Register and UPLOAD your speech

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