Justice Speech Competition

2018 Entries Closed!

The Justice Speech Competition is a national competition for students all across New Zealand.

The competition aims to increase awareness of national and international justice issues in NZ through a national speech competition for students.

Year 9 & 10 students are invited to submit their speech on any justice issue.

  • FREE Entry
  • First prize $1000 for student + $1000 for the charity of their choice + $1000 for their school
  • Five spot prizes of $100 each
  • Entries closed 10 December. Winners announced in early February
  • Speeches 3-7 minutes long
  • Speeches can be filmed simply using a smartphone camera, webcam or other digital cameras
  • Upload the film via this website, or send a link to the film (FB, Instagram etc.)
  • Choose any social justice topic you like – look here for some possible topics and resources

More Details

  • Schools can register to receive updates about this competition
  • Speeches will be judged by volunteers – teachers, justice workers and other suitable people. The final winner will be chosen by a panel.
  • Speeches will be judged using specific criteria – use this information to help write your speech
  • Here is a SAMPLE SPEECH

Feedback received from schools

Vanessa @ TS “Students were given a choice to write a speech or an essay about a justice topic. The response was really good. Most have chosen an essay, some the speech option. Terrific timing – students had completed the years’ work, and next year I want to reintroduce speeches into our year 9/10 work. This opportunity has shown me that our kids are not as afraid of speeches as I was led to believe. They will begin term 1 with speeches, and hopefully, we can enter more students this time next year.

Gayle @ MS “This is an activity for my Year 10 class after exams have been completed in November.”

Graeme @ NC “Year 9 and 10 Extension English classes are offering this as an option for their Term 4 speeches in class.”

Karen @ AS “I have a Year 10 English class and we do speeches as part of our curriculum – I am working with the class’s Social Studies teacher as they do a Social Justice unit – perfect! This year we are offering it to students as one of three end-of-year tasks. Next year we could work on it earlier.”

Shauna @ TAC “We teach an equity unit at year 10 into which we could easily link this”

Helen @ SHC “Will use for Year 9 integrated studies and as a topic for yr 10 speech.”

Nadine @ QMC “I have offered this opportunity to the Learning Enrichment students. Many of the Year 10 have written a speech on Human Rights throughout the year so they may choose just to rework this. It is a great opportunity for students to research and speak about something they are passionate about.”

Marcella @ CC “We will be using this competition as the topics for our own school speeches and competition.”

Margaret @ AC “Will use as part of the range of topics for our Year 9 and 10 speech competitions in December.”

Eliza @ NHS “Will use when we do Inquiry in English and Social science, and when we do our Junior speeches… I think this is really good, is there something for senior students as I have a few who are passionate about social justice? Also, would someone from one of these organisations be able to come into school to talk more about what they do?”

Craig @ LHS “A number of year 10 classes are working on a Social Inquiry-based around a human rights topic in social studies and then using this research to write a speech for English.”

Jill @ SS “If the timing is right, we could incorporate this theme in our speech competitions which are held in Term 2.”

Jane @ WGS “Use in the Year 10 English Programme.”

Liana @ MC “End of year filler after exams.”

[email protected] KC “We will use the idea of social justice in our year 9 speech competition.”

H. E. @ TKH “I just wanted to express my thanks for this initiative. Although my students did not actually submit a speech for the competition, they have spent term 4 learning about a social justice issue of their choice and have realised that they can relate to specific issues around this.  We are a new partnership school with Year 7 – 9 students, our year 9 were totally engaged with this kaupapa/issue and had many debates among themselves on why issues occurred, who was responsible and what solutions could be found. The end result for our students was a formal report on their chosen issue. The topics were self-chosen, and intense interest was held through to the last week of the term. Fantastic!


Any questions, please contact us.