Justice Speech Competition

2019 Now Open!

Don’t miss out on another fantastic opportunity to win big!  And this year we’re making it even easier for more people to win.

We have extended the competition to include two new categories (Year 7 & 8 and Te Reo), so there are more opportunities for more people to enter and have a chance at winning one of three top prizes, plus plenty of spot prizes.

This year’s competition is open to the following students:

Each category will have an overall winner plus spot prizes.

Through this competition, we aim to increase awareness of national and international justice issues in Aotearoa.

Students are invited to submit speeches on a justice issue, be it local or global, that they feel passionate about, would like to make more people aware of, or learn more about it themselves.

There are loads of justice issues to explore and plenty of opportunities for students to find something they feel strongly about and explore further.

A recap of the competition:

  • FREE Entry for ALL Year 7 & 8 students, Year 9 & 10 students, and Te Reo Speeches from Year 9-13 students in New Zealand
  • Entries close 10 December. Winners announced in early February
  • Speeches 3-7 minutes long
  • Speeches can be filmed simply using a smartphone camera, webcam or other digital cameras
  • Upload the film via this website, or send a link to the film (FB, Instagram etc.)
  • Choose any social justice topic you like – look here for some possible topics and resources

More Details

  • Schools can register to receive updates about this competition
  • Speeches will be judged by volunteers – teachers, justice workers and other suitable people. The final winner will be chosen by a panel.
  • Speeches will be judged using specific criteria – use this information to help write your speech
  • Here is a SAMPLE SPEECH

Feedback received from schools

Vanessa @ TS “Students were given a choice to write a speech or an essay about a justice topic. The response was really good. Most have chosen an essay, some the speech option. Terrific timing – students had completed the years’ work, and next year I want to reintroduce speeches into our year 9/10 work. This opportunity has shown me that our kids are not as afraid of speeches as I was led to believe. They will begin term 1 with speeches, and hopefully, we can enter more students this time next year.

Gayle @ MS “This is an activity for my Year 10 class after exams have been completed in November.”

Graeme @ NC “Year 9 and 10 Extension English classes are offering this as an option for their Term 4 speeches in class.”

Karen @ AS “I have a Year 10 English class and we do speeches as part of our curriculum – I am working with the class’s Social Studies teacher as they do a Social Justice unit – perfect! This year we are offering it to students as one of three end-of-year tasks. Next year we could work on it earlier.”

Shauna @ TAC “We teach an equity unit at year 10 into which we could easily link this”

Helen @ SHC “Will use for Year 9 integrated studies and as a topic for yr 10 speech.”

Nadine @ QMC “I have offered this opportunity to the Learning Enrichment students. Many of the Year 10 have written a speech on Human Rights throughout the year so they may choose just to rework this. It is a great opportunity for students to research and speak about something they are passionate about.”

Marcella @ CC “We will be using this competition as the topics for our own school speeches and competition.”

Margaret @ AC “Will use as part of the range of topics for our Year 9 and 10 speech competitions in December.”

Eliza @ NHS “Will use when we do Inquiry in English and Social science, and when we do our Junior speeches… I think this is really good, is there something for senior students as I have a few who are passionate about social justice? Also, would someone from one of these organisations be able to come into school to talk more about what they do?”

Craig @ LHS “A number of year 10 classes are working on a Social Inquiry-based around a human rights topic in social studies and then using this research to write a speech for English.”

Jill @ SS “If the timing is right, we could incorporate this theme in our speech competitions which are held in Term 2.”

Jane @ WGS “Use in the Year 10 English Programme.”

Liana @ MC “End of year filler after exams.”

[email protected] KC “We will use the idea of social justice in our year 9 speech competition.”

H. E. @ TKH “I just wanted to express my thanks for this initiative. Although my students did not actually submit a speech for the competition, they have spent term 4 learning about a social justice issue of their choice and have realised that they can relate to specific issues around this.  We are a new partnership school with Year 7 – 9 students, our year 9 were totally engaged with this kaupapa/issue and had many debates among themselves on why issues occurred, who was responsible and what solutions could be found. The end result for our students was a formal report on their chosen issue. The topics were self-chosen, and intense interest was held through to the last week of the term. Fantastic!


Any questions, please contact us.