[expand How long should the speech be?] This is answered on our home page. 3-7 minutes.[/expand]

[expand What if I’m Home Schooled?] You can still enter the competition, as long as you are in the equivalent of Year 9 or 10.[/expand]

[expand Are we allowed to oppose any topics, eg. Why we shouldn’t take refugees?] The intention of the competition is to increase awareness about social justice issues in the world. Implicit in the concept of social justice is that it makes the world a better place, especially for those who are marginalised and have less personal power or choice.
Some topics are generally accepted as being about social justice eg reducing slavery or child abuse.
Other topics might be more ambiguous, and in these cases the speech would also need to demonstrate how/why the speech topic is a justice issue.
If a speech can argue that say “Not taking refugees” is an issue of social justice, and makes the world a better place for the marginalised, then it would be accepted in this competition.[/expand]

[expand Am I allowed to submit more than one speech on different topics? ] Yes – that’s fine – as long as the speeches are on different topics10.[/expand]

[expand Can I submit a speech in Te Reo?] Yes – that’s fine – we would love to have your Te Reo speech in the competition.[/expand]

[expand Is it okay to look at statistics and incorporate them into the speech ?] Yes – it makes a lot of sense to use statistics to shape your arguments and incorporate them into the speech if they are relevant.[/expand]

[expand Is it okay to share a speech through a google doc?] The speech needs to be submitted in video format – either via our website or providing a link that the judges can view online. If we can’t see the speech, we can’t judge it.[/expand]

[expand Is it okay to just send an audo transcript?] No – the speech needs to be submitted in video format. This is to ensure consistency on our judging process.[/expand]

We’re building this list of FAQ – if you have a question you would like answered, please submit it here

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